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I’m in the process of updating my website. So for the time being all I have showing here are posts I wrote from 2003 to 2009. So if you are interested in seeing some older history, that’s what I have right now. More soon! Thanks.

Employee training at Zappos

Here’s a segment from Nightline about the company culture and employee training at the innovative company Zappos.

I must confess I was totally “wowed” by the vision of the unflappable CEO. The cross-training of employees was impressive. And at the end of a training course, the CEO offered $2000 for the trainees to quit the company. Why? To see if they were really committed to the company.

Presentation Zen: Making presentations in the TED style

More great stuff from Presentation Zen. Includes the “TED Commandments” of presenting, and links to several great presentations.

[From Presentation Zen: Making presentations in the TED style]

How to present with visuals

In honor of the many (many) ponderous presentations i sat through at AERA, this set of slides is about how to create slides and not insult your audience when presenting. Via TJ Kopcha:

MIT to make all faculty publications open access – via Ars Technica

MIT to make all faculty publications open access:

If there were any doubt that open access publishing was setting off a bit of a power struggle, a decision made last week by the MIT faculty should put it to rest. Although most commercial academic publishers require that the authors of the works they publish sign all copyrights over to the journal, Congress recently mandated that all researchers funded by the National Institutes of Health retain the right to freely distribute their works one year after publication (several foundations have similar requirements). Since then, some publishers started fighting the trend, and a few members of Congress are reconsidering the mandate. Now, in a move that will undoubtedly redraw the battle lines, the faculty of MIT have unanimously voted to make any publications they produce open access.

[From MIT to make all faculty publications open access – Ars Technica]

Free Report–Learning Technology Products 2009

From Brandon Hall Research:

Learning Technology Products 2009

This free, 526-page report contains short one- to three-page profiles of the products featured in three Brandon Hall Research KnowledgeBases:

[From Free Report–Learning Technology Products 2009]

Social Learning Survey Results

Survey from the Masie Center about social learning. 1069 respondents. Includes some commentary from Elliott Masie about each of the findings.

Social Learning Survey – Polled on March 12th Designed by: Participants in our Social Learning LAB & Seminar
Sent to: Learning TRENDS Readers – Global Learning Professionals Responses: 1,069 in 3 Days

Background: Social Learning is the utilization of Social Networks and Social Technology for specific organizational learning outcomes. This survey was designed in our LAB to take a quick pulse of learning colleagues around the globe on current implementations and plans for Social Learning.

[From Social Learning Survey Results | Surveys]


Free, web-based open-source portfolio software. Will install and try.

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Demonstration video is here.

Getting Started in Instructional Technology Research

Here is the 4th edition of a handy booklet from Steve Ross and Gary Morrison.

[Getting Started in Instructional Technology Research]